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      I’d like to recommend EF&S Concrete to anyone who needs concrete work done. I’ve had several other jobs done (unsatisfactorily) by contractors in the past, and this is the first one I have ever written a letter of recommendation for.  I was very pleased with the work.
     In this case, I had a large section of sidewalk that was missing, as well as a driveway approach and gutter.  Plus, I had several sections of sidewalk that needed to be replaced, as the uplift was in excess of 8 inches in some areas. I had a tree that needed to be removed and replaced as part of the project.  Finally, I decided while they were out there, I would have them put in a low retaining wall, with fence brackets set in the concrete to support my new fence I was planning.
     Joe arranged to meet me several times after 6:30pm, accommodating my hectic work schedule, and we went thru exactly what was needed for the job.  He was very patient with me, and put everything in writing, just the way I asked.  Joe worked with the City to get them to cover a much more significant portion of the cost of the sidewalk work than they originally were going to.  He gave me a great quote, and even let me arrange for a payment schedule.  That was extremely helpful, since in this case I was also paying for the City of Gilroy’s portion of the work in advance, and the amount was quite large.  
     The team showed up early on the first day, and got right to work.  They did a good job cleaning up and making things safe when they were ready to leave each day.  They worked with me to make sure the little details that were overlooked in the quote were done to my satisfaction (which they were).  They even did some of the work I was planning on doing on a Saturday, so that they could proceed more rapidly, and they didn’t charge me for it.  I had a fence I needed to move back about 3 feet, and they took care of that, bracing it nicely so that it wasn’t dangerous  I had a tree that needed to be removed that I wanted the firewood from, and they were nice enough to cut it into small pieces and stack it with the rest of my firewood. 
     When I had questions, Joe was always available to answer them.  They even put in additional drain culvert sleeve under one section of sidewalk free of charge that wasn’t in captured in the original quote.  They hauled stuff to the dump for me for the cost of gas and the dump charge.
     All in all, an excellent experience.  I have already recommended EF&S concrete to one of my friends needing work done, and I will be using them again for my next project later next year.  Joe can provide you with my address if you want to come by and see the work he did. I can also speak with you if you have any questions.  Joe has my number.
     Thanks, EF&S Concrete!  You did great!
Eric Cheatham, Gilroy, CA


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